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It felt like the saddest moment but it wasn’t.

Do you know that moment when magic dies?

Awwwh, that imaginary magic!
And suddenly silence fulfilling all the spaces, the positive, the negative.
There’s nothing left to luck in the presence of inner silence
Only tiny pieces of broken magic hitting the bottom of our consciousness.

And suddenly, outside, up, higher than our dreams or hopelessness, a star reminds us that nothing is eternal,
Not even our love for the imaginary and we exhale.

Alba 2017


I never felt more alive than after your death.
Your absence: black hole;

It taught me how ignorant I was about pain and its depths.
AHA 2016


I might know one thing or two or none, that is true, but certainly I don’t know a damn thing about poetry.
I could only tell you, in case you ask, that I know how it feels when I read it; shaking me, deconstructing, hurting and embracing me…

It frees me and chains me, it changes me…

An after taste like honey when ink flows from the core of one who is consciousness and thought, empathy, passion, fire and water wind and love over earthly ground.

A core of the matter.

I don’t know a damn thing about poetry but I am mad and this heart knows how to waltz with it.
AHA 2016

Fading Memory



I longed to see written

the smoothness of a perfect kiss,

ember lips,

fusing in one single breath,

silently yelling: this is for always!

all ways.

Please, don’t ask me to stay,

here I am.




A quest without moving

or clue

A dance to silent music

and peace




I follow the Sun

and its light

Music in my heart

louder than my voice

“Sincerity is a witness to truth”

and leads to love




I follow the moon

and its glow

Score or fail, for the wrong

do not care;

for the good,

try as much as you can

Only follow pure love

and its sound.



“Sincerity is a witness to truth”` Shinto teaching